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How Does Lumen Immigration Help You?

Canadian immigration is complex and ever changing. Choosing the right immigration pathway is one of, if not the most important step in your immigration journey. Immigration is not one size fits all and the pathway chosen must be reflective of your needs and credentials.

Lumen Immigration Services understand this is crucial to success and work with clients to determine their best pathway and set them up for success.

What does working with us look like?

  • Client completes an online assessment form then books a consultation with us to further determine immigration needs and pathways presented.

  • If and when retained, a detailed list of documents that are required to complete application is provided.

  • Ensure an accurate and compelling application is submitted, to avoid mistakes that could cause delays or refusals

  • Monitor your application from submission to decision, and advise quickly if changes are to be made.

Instead of worrying that your application is being properly handled, you can leave the details to Lumen Immigration Services. We know that your future and that of your family may be on the line. Our compassionate, friendly service and effective representation is exactly what you may need.

Ready to get started on your journey to Canada? Book a consultation.

Why Lumen Immigration Services? During the immigration process there is a lot to think about and do—making it time consuming and frustnrating for many. However, choosing to apply with Lumen Immigration Services allows you to relax knowing your immigration application is in the hands of a professional, who can aid in increasing your chances of success.


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